Himmax Electronics Corporation was registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on November 8, 1994. Its office is located at 44 Congressional Avenue, Project 8, Quezon City. The company is engaged in the manufacture of electronics products such as fire alarm system and burglar alarm systems, paging system, amplifiers and mixers, emergency lights and other related electronics products.
Himmax Electronics Corporation had its humble beginnings in 1989, occupying a small cubicle with a staff of five and producing only security products. Today it has grown into an expanded medium - sized production, marketing and R & D Engineering support department synonymous with electronics equipment and systems of high technology with its operation being computerized.
Today, Himmax Electronics Corporation can boast of its ability and capability to produce quality products for the local and export market. Himmax's latest product innovation is its addressable fire alarm system, an innovation of its conventional version, making the company the first and only local manufacturer of this type of product, the imported version being its only competition.
Quality Awareness is instilled in the minds of workers through continuous training and seminars which now cascades to the actual factory operations. As workers grow in knowledge, experience and with quality foremost in their minds, Himmax continuously produces quality products to meet customers' requirements and even face competition. Himmax Electronics Manufacturing Corporation believes and stands for " Excellent Quality Beyond Safety "

System Integration

Himmax is a proficient company equipped in bringing together systems to provide and meet the specific needs and requirements of the end-user. System integration aims not only to provide convenience but also functionality that will continue to advance business and security.

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System Maintenance

Himmax gives outmost importance to after sales service and cost-effective system maintenance. We provide customer support, technical assistance and preventive maintenance.

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System Design Presentation

We acknowledge the different and specific needs of our end-users, hence Himmax aims to meet the simplest or most complex system design they need.

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Your Security is our Science.

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