Wireless Alarm

JTAS-2  adopts 2.4GHZ fress frequency wireless communication technologies with high sensitivity, low power consumption, stable function, high capacity of resisting disturbance and high data transmission speed, which be widely used in underground parking alarm system, access control system and so on.

  1. Wireless remote control and alarm
    • Calling for help though the wireless remote control and alarm function, if in the urgency or dangerous circumstances
  2. Manual Alarm Call
    • When in the emergency and can be according to the manual force alarm button for help calling
  3. Output device can be connected
    • Relay output, and which can connect to High decibels alarm horn or lighting indicator
  4. Anti-collision
    • 100 pcs RFID tag numbers can be read simultaneously
  5. Multi-type data output format
    • With Wiegand, RS485 data format output


Product Model JTAS-2
Power Supply DC 12V
Work Current ≤ 50mA
Alarm Current ≤ 290mA
Lighting Intensity 39.5 CD
Baud rate 9600
Work frequency 2.4GHz - 2.483GHz
Operating Temp -20 °C + 85 °C
Remote distance 25M
Relative Humidity ≤ 90%
Alarm Time 30s, 60s, 120s, 300s
Receiving Sensitivity -90dBm
Anti-collision capacity 100pcs
Relay load capacity AC250V - 3A, DC 30V-3A
Copper core load capacity 1.36A
Net weight 160g
Size 75*122*45mm