• Stand Alone or Synchronize Digital Clock
  • Selectable Display Format of 12 or 24 Hour
  • Integrated with Alarm functions
  • 24 Programmable Alarm Setting with Day-of-Week control setting
  • LCD display for easy setting of time and alarm
  • Adjustable Alarm Time Duration
  • Can connect up to 30 clock panels (adjustable)
  • Output terminal for Sounder (optional)
  • Can be synchronized to the exact hour and minute
  • 4-Selection buttons for easy setting of time and alarm


Input Supply

Auto volt power operation

240VAC 50/60Hz
Digit Segment

2.3”, 4”, 6”
Alarm Time Duration 0-25 seconds
External Sounder Input Trigger
               Local type
               Remote type

24VAC output
24VAC output
Enclosure Finish
Powder Coated Black
Aluminum Casing