RFID Long Range Reader

JTPR-2 RFID long range reader adopts 2.4GHZ free frequency wireless communication technologies with high sensitivity, low power consumption, no harm to human body, stable function, lightning protection high waterproofing grade high capacity of resisting disturbance& high data transmission speed, can compatible with multi-type card reading device, which be widely used in RFID access control system, RFID parking management system personnel location system products tracking system, army, Prison, family-school system, etc.

·    Orientation Identification
Orientation Identification work scope is less than 180 degree;
·    Reading range can be adjustable
Integrating with digital attenuator system for control reader reading range, which can solve customer’s reading range requirement in the real application
·   High security of resisting disturbance
Adopts frequency hopping and multiple-address technology, Data transmittingto reader after multi-type checking way for data processing
·    Anti-collision
100 pcs RFID tag numbers can be read simultaneously
·    Low frequency activation
With 125K low frequency activation function, which can the control reading range effectively
·   Interregional delay function
Identify entrance and exit address group, false operation caused by tag when the entrance and exit is very close to adjacent
·    Multi-type data output format
With Wiegand, RS-485 data format output


Power Supply DC 12V
Work Current ≤ 110mA
Work Frequency 2.4GHz ~2.483GHz
Operating Temp -20°C ~+85°C
Relative Humidity ≤90%
Read Distance 1m~80m (Nonlinear adjustable)
Receiving Sensitivity -90dBm
Anti – Collision Capacity 100pcs
Copper core Load Capacity ≤ 90%