Intelligent Loop Isolator & Isolating Detector Bases

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Available in two versions, Loop Isolator only and Isolating
Detector Base for Intelligent Detector mounting, the
Intelligent Isolators offer superior SLC loop protection. The
Intelligent Isolating Bases sense and isolate short-circuit
faults associated with AxisAX Series SLC loop wiring.
Under normal operation, the SLC loop power and
communications are passed through the Isolators. If a
short-circuit or an abnormally low line impedance occurs,
the isolator senses the drop in voltage and isolates the
negative supply of the SLC loop, in the direction of the
fault. The short-circuit fault will be indicated on the AxisAX
Series Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel’s graphical
display and on the isolators via an illuminated yellow
LED. If an intelligent detector is associated with an active
short-circuited isolating base, the detector will continue to
function properly. During the isolated condition the isolating
base will continually test the circuit, and when the fault is
rectified will automatically restore the isolated SLC loop to

Unique Features:
• Patented XPerT Addressing
• Short-Circuit Isolation
• Meets NFPA Style 7 Requirements
• In-Out Terminals for Ease of Wiring
• Dedicated Terminal for Shielded Cable

• Low-Profile Design
• Built-in short circuit yellow LED Indicator
• 3” or 4” Square or Octagonal Electrical Box Mount
• “One-Way-Only” Detector Insertion
• Base to Detector Locking Mechanism

Listings and Approvals:
• ETL ANSI/UL 864 Listed: 3118002NYM-001B
• UL fi le: UROX.S7003 / ML fi le: S24460
• CSFM Approved: 7300-1713:106
• NYC MEA: 294-95-E-4



Remote LED Output Current 5mA (maximum)
Voltage 17 - 28 VDC
Environment indoor , Dry
Operating Temperature 32-120°F (0-48°C)
Humidity 10-93% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 4"D x 15/16"H
Weight 3.5 oz
Housing Polycarbonate, 94 V0