• 6 and 8 Zone Control Panel
  • Independent LED Monitor Display
  • Dual Silence button for sounder
  • Evacuation button for emergency
  • 3 level of controls and indication
  • Non-coded alarm operation
  • Dual supervision of lines circuit
  • System reset
  • Wall mount panel design
  • Red / White control panel finished
  • International standard panel designed

iGX75 series is a Conventional Fire Alarm Control Panel that have a series of 6 and 8 zones. The panel is interfaces with integral power supply and reliable battery charge, which battery keep longer life. DIGI-ZONE panel is designed in quality and reliability and the system is easy to install, maintain and easy to operate for the user.

iGX75 is design in non-coded system operation. Non-coded is operated in general alarm, when any zone is triggered with fire. The panel integrated with fire and fault relay to supervised digital zone circuit alarm and troubles. 3 Level Mode is design in the panel operation.

First Level, the panel will indicate if circuit arise any faults (Fire, System, Supply or General). The panel as well is capable of indicating zones in Fire, Fault and sounder silence.

Controls enabled in Level 2 include Resound, Emergency Evacuation and Reset. Disabled and Test modes can also be established at this level, as well as muting the internal/external sounder and testing functionality of all LED indicators. In access to level 3, it is possible to select EVAC resound option for all zones

DIGITAL ZONE Control Panel is produced and supplied by Himmax Electronics with good quality conventional detectors and devices.

iGX75 series control panel are fully designed in International Standard Fire Alarm Controller.



Main Power Supply 220VAC / 60Hz
Secondary Power output 24VDC
Battery Back-up 12V / 2.2AH x 2
Auxiliary Power Terminals 12VDC / 24VDC
Charging Time 12hrs. fully charge
Discharge Time (Fully Change) 2 hours maximum
Detectors capacity per zone Up to 20 units
Alarm Current 60mA max.
End of line Resistor 5.6K / 1W
Panel Sounder Electronic Buzzer
External 2 Line Sounder Current 1000mA (500 each)
LED Indicators Red / Green / Amber
Enclosure / Colour Lockable, Red / White
Zone Circuit Configuration 2-wire IDC zone
Dual Silence Button External & Internal Sounder
Evacuation Button For Emergency resound
Cabinet Dimension (inches) 14(W) x 12.25(H)x4.75(D)
Weight 7.5Kg