HFA-510-3NC Five and Ten zones General (non-coded) Alarm Control Panel

HFA-510-3MC Five and Ten zones Stage (Master coded) Alarm Control Panel


  • Each zone has separate LED display for fault and fire condition
  • Monitoring LEDs for Fire, Stage Alarm, Sensor and Bell Fault and Power
  • Audible and Visible alarm signals
  • Distinguished sound for Alarm and Fault condition
  • Internal and External sounder silence switches
  • User enable Key Switch
  • Internal System Reset button
  • Local Sounder Terminal
  • Attractive Control Panel design
  • Wall or Flash mounted Panel design


Primary Power Supply 220VAC 60Hz
Secondary Power Supply 24 VDC
Battery (optional) 12V, 7AH (x2)
Charging Time 24 hours
Discharge Time (Normal Condition) 8 Hours maximum
              Input Voltage range
              No. of smoke detectors per zone
              Alarm current
              No. of smoke detectors per zone
              End-of-Line Resistor

Up to 20units
60mA max.
Up to 20 units
5.6K, 1W
Panel Sounder( Electronic buzzer)
              Fault condition
              Alarm condition

Beeping tone
Continuous tone
External Sounder
              Total Capacity

1200 mA (max.)
Bell Silence Activation Hold Button for about 5secs
Evacuate activation Hold button for 3 seconds

12.5”(W) x 15.5”(H) x 4”(D)
14”(W) x 17.25”(H) x 4.75”(D)
Enclosure Finish Powder coated
Color Fire Red

HFA-510-3 MC
Sounder Capacity per Zone200 mA max.
Annunciator capacity per Zone 200 mA max.
Time Delay to activate Sounder
                    a. Local Bell
                    b. Zone Alarm
                    c. General Alarm

15 seconds
30 seconds
60 seconds