Heat Detector

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The low-profi le Advanced Intelligent Heat Detectors
have a common profi le with the intelligent photoelectric
and ionization detectors, but have a low air fl ow
resistance case made of self-extinguishing white
polycarbonate. Designed with a built-in dedicated
microprocessor, the intelligent heat detector offers
a wide range of capabilities to suit any commercial,
industrial, or institutional application. Incorporating
dual-alarm LEDs which illuminate red during alarm,
the detector provides a complete 3600 view of device
status. The detector’s dual-alarm LEDs can also be
programmed for fl ashing during quiescent mode.

The Intelligent Heat Detector incorporates a unique
industry method of addressing the detector. Each
detector is individually addressed through it’s
associated base by a patented address (“XPerT”) card.
The address is quickly and easily set by removing “pips”
on the XPerT card according to a chart supplied with
each base. Once the address is set on the XPerT card,
it can be slid into place and locked into the detector
base. By addressing the detector at the base rather
than internally to the detector, the all-too-common errors
associated with detector removal and maintenance are

Unique Features:
• Patented XPerT Detector Base Addressing
• Built-in Dedicated Microprocessor
• Five Selectable Response/Heat Modes
• 135°F to 200°F Static/Rate of Rise
• Sub-Addressing of Ancillary Functions
• Dual-Alarm LEDs with 3600 View

• Automatic Detector Testing w/Maintenance Alert
• Sub-Addressable Remote LED Output
• Optional Relay and Isolator Bases
• Superior Rejection of Transient Signals
• Detector to Base Locking Mechanism
• Plastic Dust Cover for Construction Protection
• 100% Digital Communication Protocol
• Integral XPerT Card Address Labeling Tab

Listings and Approvals:
• ETL ANSI/UL 864 Listed: 3118002NYM-001B
• UL fi le: UOXX.S5053 / ML fi le: S24459
• CSFM Approved: 7270-1713:105
• NYC MEA: 294-95-E-4


Operating Voltage 17-28 VDC
Operating Current

0.5 mA
0.5 mA
0.5 mA
Surge Current 1.0mA
Sensitivity - Heat 1.0mA
Environment Indoor, Dry
Ambient Temperature 32-150°F (0-65°C)
Humidity 10-93% (non-condensing)
Dimensions 4" x 1 7/8"
Weight 3.7 oz
Housing Polycarbonate, 94 V0