Heat Detector


When the fire break out, temperature runs up quickly, soon reaches the first stage standard the sensor will responsively reacts and send signs to the message receiving control panel to convert L-C into short signal. At this moment, the confirmation lamp will light up for notification. Below is the motion temperature:

1. Ordinary temperature plus 86° F, it can automatically activated the sensor within 30 seconds.

2. When ordinary temperature increases at 60ºF, per minute under a continuous condition, it can automatically activated the sensor within 4 minutes and 30 seconds.


Heat Detector using the rate-of-rise principle of operation has an air chamber, vent and flexible metal diaphragm. When the unit is heated, the air in the chamber expands. The vent permits the chamber to breathe and slowly release the expanded air. If a fire occurs, the air in the chamber will expands rapidly than it can be vented. This causes the diaphragm to close a switch of normally contacts to signal an alarm condition. The rate-of-rise heat detector restores itself to normally open contact position when the heat dissipates. The rate- of -rise heat detector shall not be mounted in line with heater blowers, or directly over stoves and ovens, or other heat generating units.


  • Two-wire low current design 16 ~ 32VDC range
  • Base options for supplementary relay, and / or remote indicator, 2-wire and 4-wire applications.
  • Signal source : thermal sensor
  • The integrated wiring system was designed with highly reliable electronic type.


Input Voltage Range 16V-32VDC (DC24V)
Alarm Current 60mA (max)
Standby Current 0 µA peak @ 24V
Relative Humidity 32 °F – 140 °F
Sensitivity0 – 95%RH