Fireman Telephone Communication Panel

It provides two-way communication in Fire Alarm System. Fireman Telephone Communicator panel operates and controls the fireman telephone system through inserting the Fireman Telephone Handset (HFC 220) to the telephone jack to connect with the system lines. Indicators and controllers can be located inside the communication panel. When the HFC 220 is inserted to the fireman line telephone jack during an emergency it will automatically call or ring the Fireman Telephone Communicator Panel.


  • Heavy duty construction with key locked door
  • Surface mount
  • Pre-interface of phone handset assembly
  • Four (4) handset phone “party lines” communications
  • Class B wiring type
  • Compatible with HFC-220 handset and jack
  • Pre-interface ringer and panel LED indicators
  • Up to 50 telephone jack per telephone line


Operating Voltage 24-28 VDC
Operating Current 50 mA – 110mA
Enclosure Steel Casing, Red
Wire Gauge 16-18 AWG
Environment Indoor use only
Dimension 20.5cm x 26cm x 10cm