Command Center Firefighter Phone



When added to an AxisAX Series Command Center, the
AV-TEL provides Firefighter Telephone support. The AVTEL
is a self contained unit that includes a Firefighter
Telephone along with Telephone Riser Circuitry in an
easy to install enclosure. The AV-TEL mounts to the
inner door of an Advanced AxisAX Series Command

The AV-TEL circuitry creates a fully supervised
telephone “party line” that allows field mounted
firefighter telephones to communicate with up to 5 other
firefighter telephones on the “party line” as well as the
command center telephone simultaneously. The “party
line” can be configured as a Class A or B circuit.

Advanced has a variety of field mounted firefighter
telephones to choose from. Customers may choose
from either a firefighter’s telephone that is mounted
in an enclosure or an AV-JACK. Any combination of
up to 40 firefighters telephones and/or AV-JACKs are
supported by the AV-TEL riser module.

Unique Features:
• Compatible with AxisAX Series Command Centers
• Class A or B Telephone Riser
• Fully Supervised
• Individually Addressed Field Telephones



• 24VDC, 600mA Short Circuit Maximum
• All Circuits Power Limited
• Riser Circuitry Contains Resettable Fuses
• Terminals Support 12-22 AWG Wire
• Maximum Circuit Impedance 40Ω

Listings and Approvals:
• ETL ANSI/UL 864 Listed: 3118002NYM-001B
• CSFM Approved: 7165-1713:0101
• NYCFD COA #6080