CFA-203Z 3 Zones Fire Alarm Control Panel

CFA-203Z is a fire alarm control panel designed for small scale building and residences. The control panel circuit has a built-in short circuit protector to prevent damaging mother board circuitry in case of short circuit occurs in the sounder and annunciator lines. Zone indicators are LED. During alarm condition, affected zone will appear.

The CFA-203Z alarm control has a unique enclosure design, it is surface mounted type and extremely durable. It measures only 14.5 made from heavy duty plate metal and painted with powder coated suitable for indoor use. It has a soft tough panel operating buttons for user’s convenience. It is also interfaced with reliable maintaining battery charger and trouble acknowledge tone for AC and DC power sources in case of trouble.

CFA-203Z is a 3 zone fire alarm control panel capable to interconnect 15 smoke detectors per zone and can withstand 250mA load in sounder line. Both zone and sounder circuit lines are supervised in case of line open.

For “Quality Protection” use Himmax CFA-203Z FireAlarm Control Panel


  • Sounder line short circuit protector
  • Low battery tone alert supervision
  • Power trouble tone alert supervision
  • Automatic battery charger
  • Slim alarm panel enclosure
  • Soft touch panel switch buttons


Power Source 220V / 60 Hz
Operating Voltage 24VDC
Power Consumption
                     Full load

Capacity per Zone

15 smoke detectors (max.)
250 mA (max.)
Auxiliary Power

12V / 2.2 AH x 2 lead acid
End-of-Line Resistance

8.2k ohms
8.2k ohms
Alarm Tone Continuous Beep Tone
Trouble tone Intermittent Buzzer Tone
Weight 3.2 Kg
Color (Enclosure) White
Dimension of Control Panel 215(H) x 368(W) x 74(D) mm