Audio Booster

The AV-VB, Distributed Audio Booster, is designed to
be used in conjunction with an AxisAX “V” Series, AxisAX
Command Center Intelligent Fire Alarm Control Panel
or a AV-VBM Audio Panel to provide increased digital
audio signaling during an emergency situation (alarm,
alerts, warnings, mass notifi cation, etc.) to meet total
system wattage requirements via true distributed audio
The AV-VB, Distributed Audio Booster, consists of an
audio amplifi er (AV-AMP-80) containing; two (2) dual 40
Watt amplifi ers confi gured Class A or Class B, a 16 digital
message/tone generator and supervision circuitry, a power
supply/charger (AX-PSU-6) and an enclosure. A green
AC power LED and yellow trouble LED are provided on
the front of the enclosure. Additional internal PCB LEDs
are provided for detailed service diagnostics as well as
amplifi er status.
The sixteen (16) programmable, fl ash based, digital
message/tone generator of the AV-VB is completely fi eld
programmable for tailoring to meet specifi c installation
requirements. Digital messages/tones are programmed in a
simple/user-friendly Windows® based tool. The Windows®
based programming tool allows users to select from a
library of industry recognized messages/tones. Selection
options include; leading and trailing tones, male or female
voice messages, message category (such as; evacuation,
alert, warnings, etc.) and message priorities. In addition,
wave fi les may be downloaded and added to the library to
allow complete customization of messages/tones. Used in
conjunction with the Windows® based programming tool,
the AxisAX Series PC-NeT fi eld confi guration programming
tool with its powerful control-by-event programming, greatly
simplifi es and drastically reduces the time it takes to
program very large complex applications.

Unique Features:
• Interfaces with any AxisAX “V” Series and/or AxisAX
Command Center Fire Alarm Control Panel
• Advanced Digital Audio Technology
• Dual 40 Watt @ 25 Vrms Amplifi ers
• 16-Channel Digital Message/Tone Generator
• Unique Amplifi er Booster/Cascading Option
• High Fidelity Sound Quality

• Two (2) Class A or B Speaker Circuits
• External AC Power and Trouble LEDs
• Internal Service Diagnostic and Status Indicators
• USB Port Interface for Message/Tone Programming
• Simple User-Friendly Message/Tone Programming
• Optional one-to-one Amplifi er Backup Capability
• Three Prioritized Relay Trigger Inputs
• AxisAX “V” Series Controlled via PBUS or Relay Inputs
• AxisAX “V” Series Powerful CBE Logic Programming




120 VAC
24 VDC & 25 Vrms
Operating Current

40 mA (typical) 200 mA (plus total speaker circuit load)
Output Ratings 2x 40 Watts @ 25 Vrms, Class A or B
LED Indicators AC Power & System Trouble
Operating Temperature 320 -120 °F (0 to 48 °C)
Humidity 10-93% (non-condensing)
Enclosure Dimensions 16”W x 191/8”H x 5”D
Weight 19lb 5oz


Listings and Approvals:
• ETL ANSI/UL 864/1711/1481 Listed: 100027836NYM-001c
• CSFM Approved: 7165-1713:0101
• NYCFD COA #6080