Fire Alarm Bell

The HB-206 Motor Bell uses a high quality Micro-motor operating mechanism. This provides the bell long reliability, low starting voltage and extremely low current consumption. These features enable the use of more bells per circuit and greater alarm signal distribution than other conventional bells. The low starting voltage can provide a stronger signal on marginal circuits. The operating mechanism is enclosed in a molded cast plastic housing, making the bell suitable for interior application. The gong and striker provides longer life and a louder output. The HB-206 Motor Bell is a polarized type and useful in indicating appliance supervisory circuit. This model is available in 6” sizes. The high gloss, red powder coated finish allows easy identification by the inspectors and service technicians.

The HB-206 motor bell is an excellent choice for use in fire, burglary, or in general alarm applications. This bell meets or even exceeds the requirement of safety standard. The bell is  operational in an ambient temperature range of +31 deg. To +151 deg. F. The moisture resistant design to withstands humidity of 85% RH. For installations where bell is exposed to water, rain, water splash or excessive dust, the use of weatherproof fabricated back box is recommended.


  • High sound output
  • High efficiency, low current motor
  • Low starting voltage
  • Fully enclosed mechanism
  • Durable steel gong and striker
  • 6″ shell size in 24 VDC
  • Surface Mounted type



Operating Voltage 24 VDC
Operating Current 20 mA
Operation Temperature -10°C ~ 50°C
Operating Humidity 0 to 95 RH
Sound Level 86dB
Weight 0.5 kg
Dimension 152 mm (6”)