System Design Presentation

Himmax understands and recognize that each client has their own specific security requirement. We begin each project with a site survey and estimation that enables us to gain a thorough understanding of your business, operations and facilities. It also helps us isolate and identify your security concerns, issues, threats and vulnerabilities. The needs evaluation serves as the basis for our recommendations and ultimately results in a security system design that will address client’s unique security requirements.

No one would build a house or a building without a design from an architect so why put up a security system without a design from a security system expert? Since we install and manufacture some of our product lines we are confident in our competence when it comes to design and implementation of the security system that prepares the end-user’s organization on the rapidly changing threats around us. For over 20 years, clients have trusted Himmax to design and install their most complex, small and/or large-scale security system. If you need to upgrade and existing security system and design a system for new construction  or implement a new system Himmax ensures you that we are ready to meet your needs. Remember “Your Security is our Science.”

System Design